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    Letter no : 250

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    It's almost six years...
    I still miss our days. I don't want you to come back from where you are, cause you can't turn back anymore. You're hanging in the midway of a mountain, from where you can't jump back...you can't climb. Why are you suffering so much? What have you done? But I was with you...with all my senses, I didn't see you doing any wrong .
    I stare the ventilator at nights, sometimes I face me in mirror. I ask my eyes not to shed those left pearls, but they bleed... I don't blame them, cause they miss you so much. I ain't cold, I just happened to be silenced by your storms. No one knows...but I MISS YOU, I REALLY DO. It's 3:30 am, I'm still writing to you under the open sky. I'm missing you like hell, come HOME soon. I know you're caged, I'm lost too.

    You know ? I never allowed 'happiness' near me, I've warned it to come to me after meeting you. You're not suffering alone, I have chosen a part for myself too. NOTHING else, but only this plight of yours zipped my laughs, dried my eyes, choked my breaths, locked my thoughts into me, I'm left as an inexpressible numb, for years... Yeah it's been years, and how long? But I'm still patient, idk but I'm still waiting...
    Perhaps someday I'll see you happy, we will spend those childhood days again... I promise you I'll smile (previous one) !
    This void can't be filled without you. I know you will be relieved from these sufferings...SOMEDAY. But do not fade, I'm with you. We will laugh together, if not in this life... it's still okay, we will wait till the graveyard. I'll sing to ya, you can breath in tranquility, at least for once.
    OH ! I'll SMILE TOO... :-)

    ~ Yours 'S...i' ~