• pooja17 10w

    When our defeats makes us a failure
    We move to depression
    Leading to depletion of progressive jackpot
    Making life an obstacle zone
    Where you felt yourself trapped in a Web
    No route validity
    Only darkness
    No hopes*No wishes*
    To go beyond Overcoming the
    Worst to worst situation
    It's like you are dying every moment
    You are taking your last breath
    On the other hand
    When you struggle hard
    Leading to handle situation nicely
    By proper policy framework
    By seeing your self determination
    Looking upon your calibre
    By Enchancing self-catering
    You can be a winner of your thoughts
    Your innate dreams
    You prove self !
    It's in our hands **
    What?How?Why?Where?to do**
    Everyone is having just one life
    Once over so many years after**
    Why we die every second?
    Why can't we reinvent &*rediscover self?
    Why we stopped after only one mishandled situation?
    Why can't we streamlined ourselves?
    We are very lucky to born on this lovely planet*so we must do something so people remember us after we are no more**
    May our deeds become our identity one fine day**
    Remember this thing -
    God has given equal chance to all of us
    Now think?
    What's our purpose; how to serve*