• the1taniart 9w

    One day

    One day I wish to stand in front of millions.
    My voice still heard by billions.
    Live life like an immortal who has been there for eons.
    Getting people to come do auditions.
    To smile looking at having battalions.
    Oh! You have no idea how for lies my ambitions.
    In a nut shell, I want to be a champion.

    One day I will love to get married.
    Be with that lady who is not always worried.
    Happy to accept me and not be tired.
    Who could understand that a times I die inside but never buried.
    A woman who knows I won't be at peace if she ever cried...
    That I will be there always until the tears are dried.
    Knowing that if I'm no more, my life was dedicated to "I swear I tried".

    One day I want to enter Paradise.
    I don't want to do it by throwing a dice...
    Either twice or trice.
    What I want is an eternity for my final prize.
    The advise I give out, I want it as my exercise.
    I want my good deeds to be the ones that surface.
    To finally see His face is what I want, to be precise.
    Smile with tears (if need be) that I did my best and was concise.
    Even when it was killing me, I still made the sacrifice.

    One day I just want my dreams to come true.
    How it all falls in place? I have no clue.
    I can only do my best and let the rest glue.
    I'm only but human who will many times need rescue...
    Who may a times arrive late to the venue.
    But so long the skies are blue...
    I will always look up in confidence and smile at my value.

    - Taniart.