• okamidesu 9w

    The Lone Wolf

    They say the strength of the wolf is the pack,
    But what about the lone wolf that never looked back.
    Are they fated to die in the cold,cold ice?
    Or are they willing and desperate needing to survive?

    Maybe the weakness of the wolf lies in this,
    That the pack is absolute and there is no wish.
    Too much dependency and lack of free will,
    While the lone wolf is living just for the thrill.

    Sure there are a lot of good things about a pack, Love and loyalty, its never short on that.
    Until the one day, one wolf realizes
    That there are plenty of actual sunrises.

    The lone wolf leaves resented and cold,
    But is the lone wolf really alone?
    Looking around, its a brand new world,
    The lone wolf finally feels the wind and how it swirls.

    Life is not all furry backs and following tracks,
    And if you ask me

    only the lone wolf knows about that.