• aishwarya_sharma 49w

    The Cynically Pretentious World

    Some infinities r larger than other infinities,
    Some nights seem longer than other nights.
    A minute may seem longer than sixty seconds,
    Indubitably this world is pretentious friends!

    'Tis a starry night,
    And I am at solace by the seaside.
    The reflection of shimmering stars on the waters is so clear,
    But this arouses in me an uncanny fear!
    Because when I stoop down, touch the water and try to feel a star,
    It disappears with the ripples n goes somewhere far!
    I cry bcos I cud nt feel the STAR I tried to touch,
    I cry more bcos a friend deceived me so much!

    The world is illusory,
    My dear friend, it is cynically illusory!