• kessy868 10w


    Change is it a stage,
    That comes with age,
    From the book of life's
    Or Is it rage of the savage
    mind,That leaves us blind.
    Only to find hindsight
    Is it part of the flight or
    a delight?
    Look at all this change
    What about it makes your world
    Does it make you act strange.
    Or how far does it range?

    Just try to understand,
    I changed in time.
    It's only cause I never
    earned anything that's mine,
    Born through hard times,
    Beautiful child of mine.
    I wonder if you have to suffer
    for your father's crimes
    To be honest it's a hard road
    Just keep your faith in God,
    knowin you'll get scarred though. 

    Fear not change for its course
    Is to flow with life's stream.
    And stay in the light, may your
    Dreams be bright, good night.