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    Happy Dushera.
    Some interesting facts about Dushera.

    1)The term ‘Dusshera’ has been derived from Sanskrit. ‘Dasha’ means ten and ‘Hara’ means defeat. As Ravana had ten heads, the meaning denotes the defeat of ten.

    2)Dussehra marks the homecoming of Lord Ram after an exile of 13 years.

    3)Ravana was a half-demon and a half Brahmin. His mother, Kaikasi was a demon and father was a sage who belonged to Pulastya clan.

    4)Ravana was a well-educated man who had great knowledge about astrology and science.

    5)The most famous celebration in India is done in Mysore where the Goddess Chamunda is worshipped. Her idol is taken around the city. The city is lit in a grand way.

    6)Dussehra is not only an Indian festival. It is also celebrated in Nepal, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. In Malaysia, Dussehra is a national holiday.

    7)Dussehra is of huge importance to the farmers as it marks the harvesting of Rabi and Kharif crops.

    8)It is believed that the first celebration of Dussehra took place in the Mysore Palace in the 17th century.

    9)After a dedicated meditation of a thousand years, Ravana was blessed with a boon of immortality. However, the only vulnerable part of his body was naval. Vibhishan revealed this secret to Lord Rama and that’s how Ravana’s life came to an end.

    10)Dussehra is believed to be the day when emperor Ashoka had converted to Buddhism.

    Every Indian festival has a tale to tell and facts to amaze! Dussehra is one of the richest and grandest festivals of Indian culture.

    ❤️ Aaradhya ❤️