• millennialwithapen 5w

    Point in Life

    I am at a point in life, where I think of none but myself
    I wake up and brush my teeth,
    Have breakfast - Exercise - Lunch - Work - Dinner and go to sleep,
    puzzled -
    How come the days are moving forward but I am still at the same spot?
    How come I'm so anxious most of the times worrying if I've got enough time or not !
    Sometimes, I switch myself off
    The lights turned off
    and in the dark I sit quietly and stare at the pitch black
    The sound of crickets add the white noise helping me relax
    I let my thoughts wander aimlessly
    And I see my childhood playing in front of me
    Why am I still stuck there, even in my thoughts?
    Why do I never see my adult self down that road?
    Why don't I imagine my future when the mind is disarrayed
    Maybe childhood's the best place to run to when the thoughts are let out of the cage !
    I don't blame them because now I have successfully imprisoned my mind inside my body
    I don't let them roam around anymore freely
    Now there's nothing that can stop me
    Cause true freedom remains only in a fool's memory.
    A little child running happy, running free.
    Being amazed at every moment, laughing and playing without any worry
    He doesn't know how this world is going to test him for each and every action
    He doesn't know how this world is going to make life difficult for him at every turn
    He is ignorant, he is silly,
    He is helpless and hopeless and careless and brainless
    He doesn't know how to do Math or how to write a cheque
    But I can -
    I am wise, realistic and I am independent
    While He is silly and ignorant,
    Yet, I wonder -
    why do I run back to him when I let my mind wander
    aimlessly !

    -- © Arijit Dutta / millennialwithapen