• buja_boo 5w

    So much potential you and I.
    I can imagine you lying between my thighs ,
    Caressing me gently,
    Watching television,
    Laughing uncontrollably,
    You’re consuming my vision.

    I can picture you next to me,
    You’re grinning from ear to ear,
    And I’m quietly thanking
    the almighty God that brought you here.
    I can see us holding hands, facing fears,
    All I can see is joy, my mind can’t form any tears.

    And I can see us partaking in adventures,
    Roaming the earth, many activities to conquer,
    And I just want to stop the clock and kiss,
    You be my one and only, I’ll be your Miss.
    And I can’t fathom a moment happier than this.