• white_hair 30w

    A long story short, maybe it was just a dream.

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    Nemo's Tale
    - SiD

    A vessel for two
    With the price of one
    A never ending lie
    Within the split of tongue

    Fixated eyes
    They fight for one
    You tell how
    She predicts with a bow

    A fight against destiny
    You know how to win
    Laid back, sitting ducks
    Is a man with a goner's luck

    Beats me to think,
    Our fate's intertwined
    Dance along baby cause
    The rhythm's nice and I kink

    With this last note
    Confront me with my vice
    Cause I don't know if I will survive

    For tomorrow, it interlinks with pain
    She seeps in my veins,
    Slowly like a hazy bane

    Maybe it was a dream
    By a siren, with seashells
    lapped in a windless calm
    I seamed
    To derive an endless pleasure
    Out of this rusty melody
    That she wavered

    Folded bits of time
    It disappeared
    With my image
    The pale intrusion
    Visages my broken mirror

    What did I tell you
    I'm just a taleteller
    Maybe you don't know me
    You haven't known me better
    A crafty liar
    To make you believe in a tale
    I heard at Bierkeller

    I'm just a nihilist
    Like a broken down catalyst
    To speed things up
    A fucker of 21st century

    I'll be down by the bay
    With my pen and paper
    Bleeding out plays
    Like my broken record player