• sushylish 6w

    Fresh shampoo !

    If the Cold night comes,
    this town will kick us out.

    Once we wrap up our tents here,
    I would like to go to a warm grassland with you....

    May be to the Savannah's !

    He was saying to himself, lain down.

    Sat amidst the distant sounds coming from the clearing circus ground,
    hands in dirt and head in the sun,
    She thought of the only grassland she been to,

    4 miles from her mediocre town.
    The one with srunch and goosegrass.

    She heard him !

    "why he thought of thoss suffocating weeds.
    And not of a place where the clouds grow"

    She chose to ask !
    Why not the mountains ???

    "Because you won't shampoo there everyday."

    And Their laughters cracked through.

    While she edited the mental list of not-to-do's,
    He could only gulp down one more lump of love.

    He wanted to tell her,
    how he preferred the lungsfull of fragrance of her damp hair than sitting amidst the incense fog inside any temple.

    The sight of her, blowing away the dandelions,
    Squint-eyed in the sun of Savannah's,

    How it has already made him shut down his circus seventy times in his mind.

    Lights wents out and life moved on!

    The circus is leaving now and so is him.
    With the fragrance of her sweaty back neck.
    And her fresh shampoo !!