• geraniumdreamboat23 23w

    Double-ended candle

    Get home, rest my bones.
    Please phone, don’t fucking ring.
    I get up, reply to you all,
    One song, two song, fast food.

    Eat fast, time passed.
    Walk fast; you really can't be late.
    One day I will get a day off
    But not today, tick, tock.
    Friday, the weekend is here;
    I wake up early.
    Anxiety won’t let me rest;
    Monday morning, start again.

    I wrote this poem
    So you could see I can keep going,
    But just for now I need some peace.

    I just do not have the time
    To say I love you all in a thousand lines
    And in a thousand ways I will be back.
    just for now
    I have no fuel left inside of me to burn.