• anchita_saha30 10w

    The Unnamed Ones!

    We often categorize people as introverts and extroverts. But, there is one more category of people who are not talked about, "The Unnamed Ones".

    Wikipedia defines the 2 broad categories as:
    Introverts ar quiet and shy. Introversion is the state of mind of being predominantly interested in one's own self.
    Extroverts are loud and sociable. Extroversion is the state of mind of primarily obtaining gratification from the outside oneself.

    But what about the people belonging to third category?
    How can any dictionary define the unnamed ones?
    "What about the people who share all their happiness with everyone and are thought to be extroverts but deep down they never share their sorrows and hide them like introverts?"

    No one talks about them. On a greater note, understanding them comes much later on thought, people even fail to identify them.

    So next time before categorising people try to understand them!! The world needs understanding!!