• aiyra0903 5w

    I don’t know how it grew,
    I don’t know when it was planted,
    I don’t remember where it started,
    I don’t remember how all of it began,
    I don’t remember when it commenced,
    I didn’t realize when I fell,
    I don’t recall being awake.

    Now I doubt by conscious
    Was it all real or was it fiction?
    Was it all true or just another of my dreams?
    It shook my equilibrium.
    It moved me, I’m still unstable.

    The funny part, I don’t even know,
    Why it ended,
    When it ended,
    Or how it ended.
    It was a battle of egos and political game on all sides.
    The uncertainty will kill me forever.

    Another unfinished story………
    Of which I will never know the end.
    I hate to leave tales unfinished
    But maybe this tale was started to be left incomplete.