• _random_scribbles 5w

    Same old room, dusty furniture arranged,
    But something in it had suddenly changed,
    The air felt happy, like it was fluffy and light,
    What might be the cause of such unforseen delight?

    Content and happy he laid down with a smile,
    Looked up lovingly at the same worn tile,
    In his mind a face he conjured,
    Time had tried but love had endured.

    Fluttering heavy with eyes of sleep,
    He smelled her in, with a breath so deep,
    Hugged the pillows as tight as he might.
    In some land of dreams, it was their night.

    He held her hand and hugged her close,
    Skipped a beat when she touched his nose...
    Together they came, sharing many a kiss...
    Tonight his Sprite was only his!