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    Happy Diwali to everyone who's reading this. May you grow with each day and know what positivity means. Love from my side.❤️

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    On this occasion of Diwali,
    Here's something that I feel.
    With every year passing by,
    The kindness that we are bestowed with, we silently kill.
    There are people who need you,
    People who feed you!
    There are people who have nurtured,
    Along with people whom you've tortured.
    This soul of ours, has good sides and bad.
    Seeing the devil taking over all of us is sad.
    I know this world is rude,
    But you don't be the same.
    will be days when you'll be in pain.
    It's my assurance through this you'll only gain.
    May when you light diyas this year,
    You light hope and eradicate fear.
    The history's evident that good over the evil always wins.
    I hope you remember what kindness in your soul means.
    It's a tough year not only for you but also for me,
    Lemme remind you that consistency is the key.
    We are there with you, BELIEVE.
    changes around you, you need to PERCEIVE.