• angeljohn 22w

    Divine gift!

    An honest minister of divinity...
    An advocate of 'Act Of God'...
    A catalyst of a new beginning...
    A substitute of divine being!
    A correction to be made,
    He, himself is the 'Father of his self created heaven, a family'!

    You, chose to resurrect from our animated life on a marked date,
    Yes, you chose to leave our heaven on the occasion of his birth!
    My love,
    my unrevealed 'Story Of Tenderness'...

    Then, to console myself from the biggest lose I would ever witness,
    I concluded, my love to be
    my creator's gift..
    Hence, he chose the 'Dawn of his birth' to depart from me,
    so that my love, would be wholly presented to him alone and never get muddled between two spirits...
    Thank you papa, but no other gift will ever furnish the vaccum, you devised in our paradise!
    I miss u...