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    The pure chapter 13
    Elemental wolves

    It was a stormy night during the time frieza and adala's family was now complete with 4 children as most know of kuriza and wings but the two new ones are thunder and lighting.

    few hours earlier

    Thunder and lightning were out playing on the rocks. Adala and frieza watched togeather as frieza was holding adala. What had happen was tragic they had lost their father when they were fighting trunks. Kingcold had told frieza and adala to run for trunks was to strong. Frieza and adala now lived in a cave. Wings was older and set off on her journey alone. Kuriza stayed close to his mother hoping he would get some of his mother's love. When adala saw kuriza begging her for attention she brought him closer to her. Kuriza was about 8 at the time and thunder and lighting were 6. Adala saw a storm in the distance but was not worried. Then a two big streaks of lightning struck thunder and lighting sending them flying. Frieza and Adala panicked as they went to their different looking children. Both of them had white skin before but now thunder had changed his skin was now a deep gray now with deep blue on his head. Lightning on the other hand still had white skin but the top part of her head was now a bright yellow. The next day adala figured it out that the spirts somehow changed them to elemental wolves. Thunder controled thunder for lighting controlled lightning. The two kids were extremely power full and went to try off their new powers the next day. It was around noon that day when kuriza came running back with thunder and both had scrapes and were bleeding. Adala questioned where lighting was and why they were covered in blood. Both of them said while breathing carefully saying that there were two other wolves one was green and black and was called warrior he had kills lightning. Adala went to the scene to see warrior staring her down. Adala then ripped his head off. The other wolf who was named blaze was trying to heal the poor dead body. Adala brought blaze back saying that he could stay with them. Frieza was a little mad but still he could not argue with adala. Soon enough adala had a pack. The pack was consisted of 11 wolves including her self. The pack had a few new ones the packed was formed as the social ranking
    Adala: alpha
    Frieza: alpha's mate
    Blaze: beta male
    Sky: beta female
    Leaf star: leader of hunters
    Eclipse : hunter
    Aquamarine: hunter
    Shadow: hunter
    Adala was a good alpha she never had a single omega in her pack and always made sure everyone got their fare share of the food. Adala went off fighting other packs gaining other wolves but also losing some. Soon enough though adala had found all the seven dragon balls and it was time that they wished their father back and their brother. The wishes had been made but there was one more. Adala had a choice she could wish back lightning or wish back her mother. The choice was made they wished back their mother. The two stared happily at their brother mother and father. It had been years sing they had seen them.