• auriferous_dreamer_ 11w


    People think I am heartless, cruel and cold blooded to reject you everyday because you are just the perfect person for me. Everything I can ever imagine, you are specifically my imagination carved in human form. You know how tough for me it is to try to fall for you but fail miserably? Because I can't bring my heart to love you like a lover, to love like a part of myself. People say go for a person who loves you and not someone whom you love but I contradict, if I am unable to love you then I don't have the right to be with you because at the end of the day your love won't be reciprocated, your hands will be empty and I won't brush away your tears. Deep down I love you a lot but it's only like I love my friends and seeing how worthy you are I don't want you to suffer so much, be in a loveless relationship. I can't stop you from giving in every effort you are putting right now, I can only say that this harbor will not let your love's ship to be anchored.