• sp_writes 23w

    You feel like a Monday
    And i love Mondays
    I haven't really been excited
    About a lot of things ever
    Nothing surprises me anymore
    Or nothing gains my attention as much
    But you? You are my Monday
    As i lie down on a Sunday night
    After finishing all my chores
    For the weekend waiting for Home,
    Home- college, workplace, you, girl gang,
    I have this beautiful energy and urge
    To fasten the time and jump from my bed
    And reach as early as possible
    I have looked for home
    Almost everywhere and in everyone
    The coolest moon and hottest sun
    In finely cut grass or a broken Column
    Finally home was a Monday
    A hectic day with everything one needs
    You, girl gang, academia and imperfections
    I have always wanted what was "wrong"
    Hence the love for a Monday
    And you brought peace and home
    Like a Monday does.