• baseerat 5w


    Count the little blessings that you have...Allah bestows us all with numerous infact countless blessings... and leaves it to us whether we pay thanks or keep on complaining against what we don't have...We should keep this in mind that Allah Almighty is someone who is Al Samad - The Independent: The one whose existence is infinite and endless... He doesn't need our prayers but yet he gives us Love even more than 70 mothers..
    This thing came up in my mind because...we ; my family we try to celebrate small and little things and make them our source of happiness...we all bought new footwear and believe me when we all wore them at the same time and went out...there was this unexplainable kind of happiness...though to some people it may seem stupid that Y'all buy new shoes and behave like you're wearing GUCCI..and it's not like we buy shoes once a blue moon ... but i wanna say it's some sorta thing that makes us stay happy for each other and live the moment because that's what life is worth living for .. so stay happy ..and ..make moments count .. Because..YOU ONLY GET TO LIVE ONCE.