• writerstolli 9w

    Greetings Everyone ��

    We had lit a candle with our initiative and our co-authors have lit it with their words.
    There are many social protest and candle march the world has seen, and hereby we have tried to cover few where mankind is suffering and seeking justice. There is a Burning Outcry in each and every soul. Is candle march enough?

    Today, after a good amount of work and a ton of help from friends and supporters, our voice in the form of a book "The Burning Outcry" is finally published.

    Its been a long journey and we are grateful for the many contributions that have added richness of thought in this anthology.

    The book is now available on Amazon Kindle and Pothi.com as ebook and paperback.

    We look forward for your generous feedback on the same. Do give your valuable review.


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