• lady_maia89 5w

    Dead and Buried

    My feelings for you
    Once beautiful and pure
    Have died and are long gone
    Of that I am sure.

    I thought you were different
    I thought you were the one
    But I was blinded by you
    Now all is said and done.

    The moment you decided
    To bring up the worst of my past
    As reasoning for your backwards logic
    I knew this wouldn't last.

    It has taken me years
    Now my confidence is somewhat built
    You can take your lies and shove them
    Along with all this guilt

    Because maybe once long ago
    My life meant nothing to me
    I have come a long way since then
    From my chains I am finally free.

    So how dare you blame me
    When I was only trying to help
    We are dead and buried
    To hell with what I once felt.