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    Grief stays buried in little pockets
    Each new home that you move to
    Adds a little layer of dust, until
    The hurt is a distant memory
    The tears a gentle reminder of
    Who you once were, a signpost
    To all the roads you have walked
    Upon, all the oceans you have
    Swam across, a warning sign
    To the person who thought
    That the past could never be
    Left behind, who believed that
    Shadows would chase them
    Till the end of time.

    Yet all it takes is a nudge, a
    Throwaway remark, a sideways
    Glance and you are back walking
    Those roads you had promised to
    Never look back upon, looking
    Over your shoulder at every stray
    Light, every unfamiliar sound, all
    The triggers click into place, and the
    Scars seem to have been reborn
    The tears, as it turns out, never went
    Away, they were simply waiting for
    A door to be opened, the blood is
    No longer a faded shade of red
    You remember that you can never
    Completely empty yourself of grief
    But you can learn to not let it
    Overwhelm the fleeting
    Moments of joy.

    - Avitaj

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    All it takes is a nudge, a throwaway remark, a sideways glance.