• siiddhant 10w

    "जब लगे हर घड़ी के
    अब इस रात की ना है सुबह कोई
    कर यक़ीन देख तू के
    आफ़ताब वो हसीन है छुपा यहीं कहीं"

    Aaftaab - The Local Train

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    the dawn sky
    after a long night
    the first
    rays of sunlight
    piercing through
    the window glass
    gracing the room
    with an enticing contrast

    as elegantly the day arises
    as agonizingly it ends
    like a pretty vintage rifle
    in a historical museum
    if a shot's fired
    another life's spent
    like magnificently
    colliding atomic particles
    disastrous if not contained

    despite all the blunders
    new hope is blazed
    gazing at the brand new morning
    for every tide
    has its ebb
    and every cloud, a silver lining