• jazz_loren 23w

    Sway, dance, celebrate

    Trees sway, shaking winter's kiss from their newly leafed limbs, they sway, they dance, their music a beat that only they can hear; the rhythmic drumming of a baby bird's heart as it shelters in its nest, the whistle of the wind as it sweeps across fields, tickling and teasing the grasses with its cool breath, sweet relief from the scorch of the sun, the crackle of a curious flower as it pushes aside earth, worms and ants, a tentative peek into the unknown

    These trees, swaying and dancing, celebrating a summer far from the reaches of humanity, a summer devoid of shouts and screams and emptied drink cans being crushed underfoot or kicked through the grass with a hollow clunk, a summer devoid of the roaring of car engines and the final choked breaths of animals caught in plastic wrappings

    It's a summer devoid of human life and the trees, reaching their limbs skywards, just sway and dance and celebrate.