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    I remember those grass fields we lied on
    Where we'd giggle, tickled
    by the crawling ladybugs
    I'd see your smile and pinch your cheeks
    Those little hands of ours, intertwined
    running along borders of overgrown paddy fields
    We'd sigh as the evening winds caressed
    our tired muscles, held upright by untiring souls
    As children we seeked fewer pleasures
    than what nature amply provided
    Abundant our hopes to grasp the sky
    Endless possibilities stretching to horizons
    We've grown old now dear ol friend
    Our bones protest and muscles tire
    Withheld by the same hopes
    now tarnished by time's mischiefs
    But thy memories still thrives
    In the crevices of an old heart
    beating in rhythms of nostalgia

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    Thy memories still thrive
    in the crevices of an old heart
    beating rhythms of nostalgia