• subhamthapa 35w

    My Original Song

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    Talks Behind

    You are not in my team
    Me and my enemies
    Try hard to find out more
    My information and insecurities
    I'm unknown to those whispers
    As I walk past every person
    They Judge when I'm real
    They Love when I'm fake

    So what am I supposed to be
    Do you talk of my past or present
    But you can't predict my future
    Do you talk about the way
    I present myself
    But you can't mend it
    Do you talk about my uniqueness
    Cause I'm different
    In case you compare

    I'm not sure of your tears
    Are they crocodiles or yours
    I'm confused
    I guess not yours
    You fake that smile you put on
    You act as if you love me
    You talk to get information
    You ain't interested in my talks
    So go ahead and send me
    For the last time a letter
    Which tells I'm not worth keeping love

    I'm upset with the talks behind
    I'm afraid of the talks behind
    I'm unknown of the talks behind
    I don't want to hear what you think inside
    So don't you worry my ways will be the same
    I can never change them
    So stop those talks behind
    Then let me know what you think inside
    Or tell me in my face
    I will accept the way I am