• maoahi 31w

    Selfies and social media sites are not my things Mom, and I know, you too aren't fond of likes or comments from few strangers on a collage of few pics, I like the fact that I am exactly like you..
    Today, they all are celebrating 'Mother's day', Yeah I know, you are thinking that what it means to 'celebrate' a mother's day..Well, I am also confused as what it means to celebrate children's day or daughter's day even..
    So, come on, to just do the ritual, tell me the truth, how did you like the lunch I made today? Secondly, tell me, what qualities I still have to develop in me, to become the best daughter for you?

    Now, the gift, since the day, I have started earning, I bought you many gifts for all your special occasions, but for Mother's Day, instead of using money to impress you, May I use my heart?
    "Mom, you are the one and only person in the whole world, who loves me unconditionally and who always makes me feel like I am the best human alive on this planet."
    I cannot thank you enough. However, again for a ritual of this 'Mother's Day', I have tried to cook your favorite "Pav-Bhaji' and I have done arrangements for your favorite dessert "Lassi with ice-cream". I hope, you like it.