• lovichild 10w

    My silent crush

    I was in good mood somehow but when I entered the class everyone was looking at me like I have committed some crime , "here comes the couple breaker " Bianca told me while snickering. I look over at the last bench when I and sana were sitting. She is not here, Is she suspended? My heart sank at the thought, I didn't tell but somehow all believe I told the principal . I bite my lips at frustration, I should find out who may have told this to the principal. Maybe the guy sana loved , yeah maybe because principle sir told me that he accused me for passing that love letter to him .
    I silent went back and slumped down in my seat , here ruined my good vibes .
    Rose turned towards me " mabel I think you should ask sorry to sana for what you have done to her " I was going to protest that I didn't do anything but lily beat me " why would she apologize? She have done nothing . Sana have used her and because of it . Mabel is in this mess " I was shocked how did she knows? "How did you know that sana have used me ?" I asked her .
    She signed and "when you were called to the office, sana was freaking out like the whole world is going to end and because of that she blabbed out everything. Only we girls know what happened, and before you came out of the office, class sir informed her that her parents are coming. Does she forgot that school is for learning not for love issues " she ended it with grunts and started to scold rose for doubting me and being a worst friend.
    Class started and whole day I wasn't catching anything, this thing is really irritating me . I am trapped in this mess even I didn't ask for , should I ask principle sir who told him about this , nah! I am not that bold enough to go now .
    The only way to know about this is to ask that senior , when the bell ranged for break time. I stand up and walk towards the door . Everyone in the class gasped. Yeah I am the girl who will sit silent inside the class when it is break time, and now I decide to go out it must be shock to everyone . I climbed the stairs faster than I could . I gulped when I was standing in front of the senior class , I was just going inside but " what are you doing here.....