• scarlett_garnet 9w

    The title is a base picked-up because of the movie.
    [One heck of a film if you haven't seen it.]

    The writing moreso reflects experience with some less fortune and their not so caring 'loving relatives'

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    I Am Sam

    God bless their hearts

    And not said in the ways of southern slang
    held by underlying disdain.
    I'm not worthy to ask of it.
    I'm humbled
    short of words

    They try so hard

    I've seen a-good-few first hand
    Had others make assumptions
    I get it They were insecure
    At times notably frustrated

    As well as embarrassed
    of their relatives
    I partly couldn't believe it

    The fact they'd get irate
    and attempt to pass along judgement

    Hell I wasn't on their boat
    I cared about the little kid inside
    Could seek to understand
    But wouldn't claim ta knowing the half of it

    Didn't look to patronize
    Wasn't gonna dub it a burden
    Just went with the breeze
    And maintained
    at a level his capacity could hit