• lijtisya 6w


    That early morning,
    Woken up by a sharp headache,
    Rushed to the washroom to throw up,
    I was sick!
    I remember the shock on your father's face!

    To the hospital I was rushed,
    The discovery! Our hearts melted..
    For long we had waited for you,
    You were a blessing to us already!
    The mornings were tough to me but with a thankful heart I endured them!
    A blessing indeed it was!

    I remember how dad used to care for you,
    Am sure you still remember his favorite song!
    How he used to talk to you before bedtime?
    How he used to tell you about the new clothes and the shoes for you?
    You must have been happy!

    I still recall those kicks,
    Did you want to become a footballer?
    Grown you were, anxious were our hearts!
    That long awaited day was here!
    As I laid on that bed,
    Pain ran across my body!
    At the verge of giving up I saw the smile on your father's face!
    I gave my all!
    We were excited!

    5-minutes to 9 pm a bouncing baby boy was born!
    I still recall the sound of your cry,
    Probably the only memory you left us with!
    5- minutes past 9 o'clock,
    Baby! Your clock started ticking to its sunset,
    Your heart had stopped beating!
    All was done, baby we tried our best!
    But you had accomplished your mission!
    Those 10 minutes, we were happy to have you!

    I am broken, I am devastated!
    Your father mourns your dismissal!
    Baby, they say you lay six feet below next to our window,
    But I know in a garden of roses you rest!
    We loved you,but your mission was over!
    Till we met again, sleep well!
    Truly a blessing cut short!