• zakariahusni 5w

    "Not much of a prayer, but, i hope it helps someone in need.

    And in a constant wish to find our path,
    We have forgotten, the purpose of our creation.
    We centered all around the sole purpose of our interests, more often than not, we have and don't give, we judge and not understand, we hurt and not forgive.

    But when life pains us, we choose to encase that pain, to spread it and to make it part of our daily life. Instead of surpass it, to treat it, and to learn from it.

    We choose to let it become us, and as the pain grows so does our indifference, our hate, our ambition to fill the void with things and people who seem to lessen our pain. But it's not constant, it just last until pain finds a way to enter your life again. And you don't have anymore weapons, things or people to chase it away. You fall into despair, into a state of anhedonia.

    What, so that pain, has made you what you are.
    But, you're not made of pain.
    You're made of light and love.
    Spread that, teach that, but don't spread the pain someone made you pass. Even if they are the ones that cause it.

    You aren't them. You're stronger and wiser.

    You're a wonder."

    ~ by lovely Zakariahusni