• binaryocean 5w

    She brought me flowers in the mornings,
    Primroses that refreshed my sleepy self.
    Her face as radiant as the rising sun,
    Brightening a number of lives she passed.

    She brought me flowers in the afternoons,
    Camellias that brought life to the gloomy corners.
    Beads of perspiration lining up her face,
    Spoke of the hardships weighing her down.

    She brought me flowers in the evenings,
    Daffodils that stood out against the meek background.
    Soothing my obviously broken demeanour,
    Trying the ease away the loneliness.

    She gave me a rose one single night,
    And I confessed how much I loved her.
    And soon I was lost in the warmth of her lips,
    Feeling something that no flower convey.

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    A beautiful tongue where each flower holds an unfathomable secret