• david_vs_a_word 6w

    The eye's guide the light into streams of blue-green earth.
    The mound perliftcates...and decimated
    The ocean skies. The land speaks of blood oaths and cruelty...and dieing lies that raid the
    Land from skulls that weep like crescent arches that point the way of devil's advocates.
    That cultivates tears of newborn hamlets.
    The crystal green eyes, spatter like a shadow of
    prominence of keys that separates places
    Into spoken dimensions of slited light, into Crucibles that scorch thee oasis of defiance
    From the mountain of trumpets, that call for
    The birth of voices that lead to the choices
    Of venomous creatures, that spite at the tree
    Of knowledge. The green eyes hide inside the
    Ferngully of truth and beauty. As the heavens
    Split open and divulge the spirit queen.....the monoliths illuminate across the kingdom of earth and light, the children gather in ahh of her
    To worship.....the sprit queen of
    beauty and knowledge........

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    The spirit queen