• machoboy 10w

    There is songs in everyone's life and there is different kind of music for it. Some has harsh lyrics while other has melodious tune with their lyric. But everyone has surround his/herself towards the different branches of music.

    People has found music as medicine for their pain. And it has really such power to heal your damaged tunings scars.

    Some found it as his/her companion when they were all alone. Music has always fulfilled everyone's expectations in certain ways so we can say music is always remain loyal to us.

    When there is some circumstances or goof-up in our lives and when nobody has come to help you then there is music which has amazing power to uplift you in every severe conditions.

    So, I invite you all to celebrate each music of our life, whether it's soft or hard. Because music community has charisma to delight your innocent heart.

    So, come with me open handedly and feel every single tune of music in our lives. Enjoy its every beat through your smile and dance through your beautiful emotions.

    #Mondaymantras #Mirakee

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    Real music

    Soft music has hard impact to our lives song.
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