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    Different. .

    A first time mother caressing her baby bump and singing mellifluous lullabies to her baby. Smiling to herself imagining the little world inside of her - a little soul in the cradle of her body. Unawares that the baby would grow up to be different from the rest.

    Relationships. .

    Did they hurry things up or was it meant to be so.?
    Alas, it shall not be known anytime soon. Maybe when they leave this world and their soul soars, they shall get their answers from the Almighty.!? She had always felt like a misfit in the relationship.

    Passion. .

    A writer's passion comes to the fore in his work as he puts his heart and soul into it and spins an intriguing tale and takes his reader's to a tour by making them the characters themselves. The verses flowing in a mellifluous rhythm.

    //He was an epitome of success and she considered herself a misfit. Their's was an unusual love story, though she couldn't look into his soul which was masquerading some dark secrets.//

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    Remnants of the forlorn times still afresh within my soul, untouched by the sands of time. .