• reslevvv 5w


    Don't wanna make everyday a problem
    But baby we got unfinished business.
    I just wanna fix it and solve it
    Falling backwards could've swore we was moving forward.
    Racing trying keep up with heart ache after heart ache
    Hoping to find the light
    I'm no different from the rest
    I did my dirt
    I'm not the best
    But we been moving backwards
    I could've swore we was moving past it.

    Hope this isn't too much on you
    Heard I can be too much
    On you.
    closely hoping you notice me
    I'm not asking for much
    Much love much love
    I gotta alot of love for you.
    Hoping you see
    Me and know this isn't the girl who cried wolf. I'm throwing the white towel in
    Letting me go and my ego
    Go cause we been distance lately
    Been backwards lately could've swore we was just cool lately .
    Much love
    Much love boy.