• nivethasubburaj 5w


    Hail all the world
    To our beloved redeemer!
    Oh how many waited to see the boy
    Wrapped around the bundle of joy!
    The magical blow resounding the air
    They could sense the streams of flair,
    Singing hosanna hearing the little cry
    Resonating their voices on high,
    Looking at the vivid star above
    Leading the wise men below,
    Surrounded by the smell of frankincense and myrrh
    The Son of the most mystic heir
    How humbly you laid
    Among the sheeps and shepherds
    That left us in awe!
    Little did we expect to see you on the cross
    To take away our dross.
    Now we all hail together
    Hosanna on high!
    That you took away all our sigh
    Fastening our belt without a deny
    To fly with you even high!
    With those angels by my side
    I’m gonna dance and sing for your might.