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    A Muslim girl Asifa raped in a Hindu temple.
    They drugged her and raped her 8 days continuosly
    And finally killed her by smashing rocks on her face.
    And now some peoples are saying that this is for religion Hindu raped a Muslim girl to take revenge and showed that they are powerful.
    For god sake stop this fuck and get the little girl her revenge, her justice.
    Just think she is like you're little sister, if you won't raise�� your voice today then someday that girl can be your sister, your mother or your friend.

    #justiceforasifa #rip #justice

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    Justice for Asifa

    She had spread her wings,
    but those monsters bitten them,
    her hands were crushed like that
    she cannot write anymore.
    Those who had distributed humanity should have taught humans first,
    "What humanity is?"
    I'm a Hindu and I'm ashamed.
    I want justice for Asifa