• miriel_oye 30w


    I remember my days as a kid,
    When the power holders seized,
    I'd clutch my younger brother's hand,
    To guide me through the room and out,
    I never ventured into the dark,
    With the lights out, I'd feel stark,
    Fear would take me to greatest heights,
    Then drop me, like a silver coin, into the ocean.

    Back then I was scared of what I saw,
    Now what is invincible drives me insane,
    The pitch dark I cannot see through,. Terrifies me, leaves me frightened,
    "What would be the end of me?
    Would I ever? Could I never?"
    Fear took me to greatest heights,
    Then hung me ,on a pinnacle, by the flesh of my neck.

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?
    Fear doesn't kill yet it makes you weaker,
    Stirs the will to fight, but gives the doubt of mind,
    Believe in yourself sounds cliche
    As if you'd follow and truly conquer,
    If death be our greatest enemy,
    Then fear would be second in command,
    Fear takes you to greatest heights,
    And offers you as a sacrifice to its master.