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    Be safe delhilites ! We aren't safe and the reason is our own government . Before India was declared as an democratic country atleast we were all Indians and now we just are divided into various segments and mainly divided in two categories hindu and muslims why so ?Being an Hindu I am so scared for my muslim friends and families .
    Note: In a tweet, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has condemned the violence. "Spoke to Hon'ble LG and urged him to take all steps to restore normalcy and peace. We are also doing everything possible at our end. Real miscreants who caused violence shud be identified and punished," a second tweet read.

    | How to maintain peace and harmony when we aren't safe from another human being ? Humanity ? Does that word even make sense now ? Hatred ; that's such a harsh word and due to the policies and times we just are into some kind of battlefield fighting with each other |

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    You also released us by cutting our wings ;
    It's better that we remain imprisoned in the free country .