• forbidden_thoughts 5w

    Can't think of a title, sorry!

    Life is really something, isn't it? It's a treasure they say. Don't wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain. But it takes a lot to learn that, you know. When you have had your share in the sun, when you have got the sweet taste of the golden rays, it is not easy to take a sip in the rain. Like me, can't get used to it. I am not liking it. Just not liking the things, the way they are. Now the wise ones are gonna say that its a phase and it will pass. Shitty things happen and so on. Even the old me had written something about how you gotta give time for a wound to heal. But it is a wound that gets reopened every other day and I have no means to stop it. Just don't care, everyone says. But how can I not. I am not used to this life. It's just not for me.
    I am so, so angry. A couple of wrong turns, and here I am. I am hated, but I hate myself the most. For being the victim, for being the scapegoat. Its not a beautiful life kids. It gets pretty ugly down here.

    The funniest thing happens when you think that it can't get any worse. Life has a satiarical way of showing you that yes indeed miss, it can get worse and that wherever you were before seems pretty darn good than wherever you are now. Like right now, I know it can get a hundred times worse, but this damp shit that I am in is just too much too handle. Life never gives you only what you can handle. It gives you a million times more.

    It's not a pretty, good to read piece, people. It is a desperate, pessimistic piece and sorry for not warning you before. But life doesn't come with a warning people, so better get used to it.

    Yours truly,
    A troubled mind and soul.