• reshma_kausar_mohideen 9w


    A small walk in the garden matching each other's steps,
    With our hands entwined and fingers tightly entangled,
    With lips sealed & dried feeling the mild flow of cold zephyr,
    Just trying to freeze the warm feeling of each other's presence,
    With Each moment as dulcet as honey dipped in our togatherness,
    Beneath the open sky, without the fear of seperation,
    Just breathing in the fresh air peacefully ,we both share,
    Watching the kissing love birds & imagining them to be us,
    Looking at how possessively the sky hides his sun from the earth,
    And those whimsical butterflies,
    Carrassing the tender flowers and tickling the naughty buds,
    Beholding the childhood on the swings and seasaw,
    That has handed us over in the hands of our youthfulness,
    Dreaming in the twilight about our married life,
    As to how you'd be as a loving husband & me as a caring wife,
    So much involved in your thoughts being besides you still,
    Forgetting my self as my soul gets diluted in your silky love,
    Thanking deep within the heavens for our sweet encounter,
    I just pray hard, raising my lashes towards the skies,
    Castles of our dreams dyed with the hues of our eternal love, never collapse,
    Like the greenery around, our love stay evergreen even after our bodies dwindle,
    These walks never end until the last walk of our lives.

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