• bhush06 6w

    Crawling out of chaos

    Ohh great...
    Right now it's very staggering and awful to see some of the discrepancies going in my head. It's painful and damn weird but should I just ignore it.
    No, I guess.
    Maybe some part of me is working and changing my mentality and fluctuating my actuality.
    I didn't bore the brunts but in this shed, it's plopping me to sense the light.

    I am a person who lives wholeheartedly and don't give a shit about this world. But when it gets to doubting my self at times it puts me to the tragic path of enigmas.

    Out of this one thing is damn clear, you make it a hay and find endless way.
    You choose a path you find ample time to prove the probe.
    But when the probe gets wrong there is a need to stay strong.

    That's just...
    Crawling out of chaos.