• sameeran_purohit 31w

    I cried while writing this ,
    For some reason I even feel guilty for writing this .
    I am ashamed of the men in my country
    I am ashamed because of their perversion

    I apologise to all women for the lewd allusions and perversions and other horrendous things they have faced .

    #mirakee #justiceforasifa #sorry #regret @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Rest In Peace , Humanity!

    Abducted from the embrace of her loving mother,
    Snatched away from the doting eyes of her father,
    at an age when all she knew was love and innocence,
    When all she deserved was affection and kindness,
    She was taken away by men with minds unfathomably curropted,
    On grounds of religion of communalism and of hatred,
    They led her to a place devoted to their gods ,
    What they did to her made even the idols sob,
    She was raped by the ones who ought to have blessed her,
    She was butchered  and mutilated by those inhuman curs,
    Her cries still resonate in the walls of the god house,
    Her soul must still writhe from the horrendous abuse,
    Yet the assailants the demons still breathe,

    Because religion comes first and humanity is beneath.