• curious 10w

    //Dormant balcony is a meek eye witness//

    The balcony
    I stand on is dynamic.

    The momentum it gains with
    zephyr making creepers dance
    is antonym to the dormancy
    it attains with him on one side
    and me hanging on the other wall.

    I hang there like hangers in your
    waiting to be covered by a familiar
    cloth or say aroma but
    the familiar one is resistant to the
    charmant beauty that lies naked
    as he is the one who stole
    her best of sides cracking it's edges
    and now awkward enough
    to embrace his sins.
    Silence accepts the sins
    making everything else still.

    #dormant @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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    //Dormant balcony is a meek eye witness//