• bobbycneis 44w

    Late night feel it all, my fall has been summed up as an emotional withdrawal.
    Can you find me? Ive become different.
    Which is both better and worse in my mind.

    Let me find the truth, hanging diligently,
    Amongst the ruins of who we are.
    I cry, oh lord do i cry inside.
    But noone ever sees me breathe

    I love, lord, i love even deeper now
    In the kindness of your presence
    I turn to walk against the darkness,
    But you're my glow in the dark light

    Why i ask, am i the unworthy one
    Basking in the ranks of yesterday
    Please be gentle when you handle me
    In the pureness of your essence

    I find fulfillment for a short while
    But never under your watch
    Find the time to find me
    Ill be fast asleep