• intheouterspace 5w

    Till I feel it

    I used to always keep questioning
    the lover why they need to torcher their self
    Why they have to cry for a thing that not important for them
    And I used to keep questioning them
    Why they choose to be sad over the love.


    I used to not understand
    till I feel it on myself
    Honey know that
    The pain is real
    The sadness is torcher
    The heart aches is not something that I choose
    And the tears that streaming down on my cheeks
    Is not something that i purposely do

    Lesson learned
    And now I understand

    I understand that I cannot blame the human nature
    We were born with feelings
    And love is a part of it
    I can't kill it cuz someone had filled it with something
    And now I need someone to helps me get rid out of it

    Cuz now I already feel it...