• joseywhales78 5w

    i put this down for a jar jar binks addie boo and the rest of the female family

    you're a grown man i'll be a grown man what a plan to make a million with it our hands and it ain't no talk i'm just saying some stuff i walk the walk i understand how life is tough people over here want to catch a bluff want to treat you like it ain't no tomorrow but there is more than sorrow can you even live for yourself it's hard these days with the wealth but i understand how it is i understand that we going to have kids and want to have grandparents don't you dig but i love all my fucking siblings sorry for the french i don't mean to curse but i put in work don't you know it's not rehearse this is freestyle flow but this is how we're really goes i walk the walk talk the talk don't you understand we'll bite them bark but i lay it down like it was a crown upon the head but i ain't motherfucking bitch made excuse me anyways you grown women now cuz you weigh 18 but you ain't going to be in thei don't even promote porn gives a fuck how you feel nigger i'll be what something different don't you understand that i'll be lifting up lifting my people within this fucking spirits i'm trying to get them to fucking favorite and understand what god is but people don't even love god in they be looking like is like spam all up in a pan like baker's man is it like damn can we even change as a woman or man can we be better then can we even fucking change is it even deranged it's not as fucking some question man even though i'm questioning answers that's just my initials and i answer but i'll be real i'm trying to tell you how i really feel there ain't no cuss words i don't even have to be absurd or beef fucking baffled or be raffled like it was a ticket don't you understand baby boy i'm trying to lift this real game to your face all up in your lips just forward taste it's like sprite bubble up every goddamn night i'd be like excited just to even see my fans i'd be like man just to even shake and hold your hand is more than love what is this is having above can we even do this can we even make more than what it is but i know it ain't a question i ain't even stressing i'll be a blessing and so is you so don't you want to say it would it be ooh don't ever let a man test you don't ever let a man take advantage of you this is real motherfucking talk this is real mother fucking talk they can take a walk they ain't even worth the mother fucking time because you deserve better by any type of mother fucking weather i'll wear nothing but leather and rain sleet or snow don't you understand i'll be knocking at your front door just to say hello this is show some love from the heavens above it's like the showers don't you understand what push come to shove